Transactions on Transport Sciences, 2014 (vol. 7), issue 2

Attitudes of Czech Drivers to Issue of Drinking and Driving - Development in Time and International Comparisons

P. Skládaná, E. Drápela, A. Zaoral

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2014, 7(2):47-58 | DOI: 10.2478/trans-2014-0003

This study deals with attitudes of Czech drivers to the issues of drinking and driving, on the basis of SARTRE (Social Attitudes to Road Traffic Risk in Europe) surveys carried out during 1991 - 2002 in European countries. The results of the Czech part of SARTRE 4 show that drivers in the Czech Republic maintain their support to tightening of sanctions against drinking and driving and support, more than ever before, the technical measures which prevent drinking and driving. In general, they stand against drinking and driving and, based on their words, they rarely violate the drinking and driving regulations concerning even the slightest amount of alcohol....

Value Engineering and its Application in the Design and Implementation of a Logistics Centre

H. Bínová

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2014, 7(2):59-72 | DOI: 10.2478/trans-2014-0004

All large projects, from their inception to their completion, follow certain processes, undergo evaluations of different designs, while at the same time, they ensure project functionality at certain costs acceptable to the owner. The most effective process to manage costs is a process which puts emphasis not only on functionality, but also keeps prices and schedule in check from the project beginning to the completion of construction. To keep project costs within certain parameters, there is a need to begin the project with a realistic budget and to have reliable pricing data. In addition, during the development phase, the project costs must be recalculated...

Effective Short-Term Energy Accumulation for Means of Transport

J. Plomer

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2014, 7(2):73-82 | DOI: 10.2478/trans-2014-0005

This paper presents a new conceptual design of an efficient flywheel battery, designed from commercially available components. The basic idea is based on a possibility of using a spare wheel of a vehicle, or its steel or aluminium disc, as the gyroscope rotor at an early stage of rotor development. Even low rotation speeds accumulate sufficient amount of energy to accelerate a small vehicle in a city.

Technical Note on Recent Developments in Road Safety

J. Frič

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2014, 7(2):83-86

The main objective of the paper is to bring a short overview of road safety activities discussed during the 2014 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. Basic information about the issue of road safety and the list of the committees with short comments will be followed by information about actual topics discussed on the committees' meetings and sessions. The last part of this technical notes deals with the research priorities identified in the TRB 2014 meeting.

Technical Note on Recent Developments in Travel Behaviour Analysis

P. ©enk

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2014, 7(2):87-90

The main objective of the paper is to present recent developments in travel behaviour analysis that appeared at the 2014 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. The technical note is conceived as a brief review of key presentations and posters dealing with innovative methods in the collection of travel behaviour data, particularly with topics of technological advances in travel behaviour surveys.