Transactions on Transport Sciences, 2013 (vol. 6), issue 3

Specific Air Pollution in Road Tunnels

R. Ličbinský, J. Huzlík, A. Frýbort, J. Jedlička, K. Kreislová

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2013, 6(3):107-116 | DOI: 10.2478/v10158-012-0037-9

Negative effects of air pollution are, apart from the adverse effects on human health, also associated with damaging material goods which is manifested in e.g. the shorter service life of construction materials and faster material corrosion. Road tunnel environment is very specific since the emissions of passing vehicles are not dispersed into the surroundings and materials in the tunnel are thus immediately exposed to the pollutants produced by traffic. This paper presents the first results of measurements of specific air pollution in road tunnels of the project No TA01031043 "Quantification of specific pollution effect on materials and corrosion...

Measurement of Noise from Road Surface Using Dynamic Method

V. Křivánek

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2013, 6(3):117-124 | DOI: 10.2478/v10158-012-0038-8

Road transport has been the dominant source of noise in the environment for many years and most of the noise is nowadays generated by the interaction of the tyre with the road, beginning with relatively low speeds. The condition of the road wearing course is the factor that particularly influences the noise pollution generated by the movement of vehicles on roads. The CPX method (CloseProXimity) used for measuring the amount of noise from the rolling of tyres consists of drawing a special trailer fitted with reference test tyres that are surrounded by microphones recording the noise generated by the rolling tyres along a test section. This dynamic...

Noise Impact on Inhabitants in Residential Areas under Various AntiNoise Measures

V. Křivánek, A. Pávková

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2013, 6(3):125-132 | DOI: 10.2478/v10158-012-0039-7

The sound environment is an inseparable part of the living environment. Noise is generally considered to be any sound or sounds which are undesirable, disturbing or harmful to people. Road transport has been the dominant source of noise in the environment for a number of years. Traffic noise modelling is used particularly for assessing the acoustic situation in the vicinity of roads, the identification of noise impact on population, designing anti-noise measures, strategic noise mapping, and action plans. Regarding noise impact within the assessment of sustainable transport development, the programme SoundPLAN assessed different types of noise impact...

Light Barrier for Level Crossings in the CZ - Experience after One Year of Operation

P. Skládaná, P. Skládaný, P. Tučka

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2013, 6(3):133-144 | DOI: 10.2478/v10158-012-0040-1

In European countries, measures to increase warnings at level crossings are currently getting support. One of them is the so-called light barrier. Most of its applications are in the process of testing, in practice it is only used in Austria to some extent. In the Czech Republic, a light barrier was installed at a level crossing in Nová Včelnice under the R&D project SVEZA - TA01031404 "Research on the applicability and effectiveness of the so-called light barrier at level crossings in the CZ" (the project is being carried out with the financial support of the Technology Agency of the CZ). After one year of operation we can say that the device...