Transactions on Transport Sciences, 2013 (vol. 6), issue 2

Identification of Curves and Straight Sections on Road Networks from Digital Vector Data

R. Andrášik, M. Bíl, Z. Janoška, V. Valentová

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2013, 6(2):73-80 | DOI: 10.2478/v10158-012-0033-0

Identification of curves and straight sections on roads is important from a traffic safety point of view. We present a method for the automatic identification of curves based on available geographic data - sequence of points which determines a line. The Douglas-Peucker algorithm is used to generalize the lines. At every point of the line, the coefficient of curvature is calculated. According to the coefficient of curvature it is possible to decide which line segments are curves and which are straight sections. For making the decision, other characteristics of lines were also studied, but the obtained results support that the coefficient of curvature...

Legislative Intent of the Noise Act with Respect to Traffic Noise Control

D. Potužníková, T. Hellmuth, P. Junek, P. Bednarčík, Z. Fiala

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2013, 6(2):81-88 | DOI: 10.2478/v10158-012-0034-z

A bill on the protection of public health against noise and for noise control in the municipal environment ("Noise Act") has the character of a Codex due to the issue of noise control in the municipal environment affecting the competence of many departments. An effective solution to this problem requires not only a comprehensive legislative approach, but also the necessity of coordination. It is proposed to set up a National Council of Noise that would work within the Office of the Government. The bill is designed to maximally apply the principles of subsidiarity and shared responsibility. To control the health impact of traffic noise in the outdoor...

The Capacity of a Ramp of the Pražský okruh x K Barrandovu Grade Separated Junction

L. Bartoš, J. Martolos, V. Rozsypal, J. Kašpar

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2013, 6(2):89-96 | DOI: 10.2478/v10158-012-0035-y

The aim of the article is to describe the method of experimental assessment of a grade-separated junction arm for ultimate traffic volume (capacity). The results of the assessment are compared with values stated in the current Czech Technical Standard ČSN 73 6102, in the German guideline HBS, and in the Highway Capacity Manual (USA).

Distances between Vehicles in Traffic Flow and the Probability of Collision with Animals

J. Martolos, P. Anděl

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2013, 6(2):97-106 | DOI: 10.2478/v10158-012-0036-x

This article describes a model used to establish the probability of a collision between a vehicle and animals on roads. Analysis of data obtained from measurements provided by automatic radar enabled us to find general relationships which determine the distribution of time gaps between vehicles in traffic flow. These results were applied (with other applications) to assessments of the impact of traffic on wildlife. These simplified models have demonstrated the road barrier effect, with a certain traffic intensity, on the wildlife.