Transactions on Transport Sciences, 2011 (vol. 4), issue 1

Towards Improved Protection of Vulnerable Road Users

L. Hynčík, H. Čechová, J. Maňas, J. Kovanda

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2011, 4(1):1-10 | DOI: 10.2478/V10158-011-0001-0

The paper aims at reducing injury risk and an overall increase in pedestrian passive safety by proposing pedestrian friendly vehicle design. Statistical data are used to identify the most vulnerable population group also regarding the economic losses caused by deaths or medical treatment. An age dependent anthropometric approach enables the development of specific virtual pedestrian biomechanical human body models. The developed virtual pedestrian models are explored to analyse the influence of vehicles in pedestrian impact on injury risk caused by a vehicle industrial demonstrator using numerical simulation. The analysed injury criteria serve for...

The Anticipated Impacts of Road Pricing on the Quality of Life in Prague City Centre

J. Zelinková

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2011, 4(1):11-18 | DOI: 10.2478/V10158-011-0002-z

Growing traffic in urban areas is linked with the increasing problems of congestion and environmental degradation. In response to this there are a range of potential instruments for dealing with traffic-related issues in urban areas, one such option being road pricing. Congestion-charging schemes have been successfully implemented in many cities; however the Czech Republic does not have any experience in this field. The future impacts of ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) if implemented in Prague were obtained from transport models. The decision on the efficiency of this instrument with respect to the expected Quality of Life (QoL) has been acquired...

Measuring the Electric Strength of Board Composite Materials and Insulators

R. Čech, L. Buřval, P. Klaus

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2011, 4(1):19-24 | DOI: 10.2478/V10158-011-0003-y

This article contains the results of electric strength measuring of board composite materials and electrical insulators. It describes and briefly specifies the measured materials, i.e., the composites based on Glass, Kevlar and Carbon fiber. The composite electrical insulators are Kartit, Glasstextite and Textite. The measurement description shows the measurement system diagram and parameters of the used testing high-voltage source. The evaluation suggests the possibility of using composite materials as electromobiles' construction components which require specific electrical properties.

Cost - Benefit Analysis for the Implementation of Four-arm Roundabouts in Urban Areas

P. Pokorný

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2011, 4(1):25-30 | DOI: 10.2478/V10158-011-0004-x

The implementation of a roundabout has a mostly positive effect on the safety level of a treated site. This is based on the fact that the roundabout's geometry reduces the number of collision points, decreases the speed of vehicles, and improves the safety of pedestrians. Within the frame of the ROSEBUD project1, the cost - benefit analysis for the reconstruction of four-arm intersections into roundabouts has been calculated, and the results confirm that these reconstructions are effective and have positive effects on the reduction of accidents. The article describes this calculation on roundabouts in the Czech Republic.

Geographical Location of Depopulation Areas in the Czech Republic and its Dependence on Transport Infrastructure Part I: Definition, Methodology, and Quantitative Analysis

E. Drápela

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2011, 4(1):31-40 | DOI: 10.2478/V10158-011-0005-9

Location of settlement at important routes of transport was always one of the key factors for its prosperity. However, in the car-oriented world of today the distance factor is not so important for many people and they prefer to live in calm rural areas. Simultaneously, many rural areas in peripheral locations are affected by the emigration of inhabitants and global decay. This study explains how good transport infrastructure should be beneficial for rural areas and how it is in reality in the Czech Republic. The study is a part of a larger work of research, based on component analysis of localization of depopulation areas in the Czech Republic between...

Technical Note on Congress on Electromobility, Prague, May 12 - 13, 2011

J. Koloc, J. Kovanda

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2011, 4(1):41-42