Transactions on Transport Sciences, 2009 (vol. 2), issue 1

Relation between Running Time and Energy Consumption

J. Opava

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2009, 2(1):1-8 | DOI: 10.5507/tots.2009.001

The traditional solution of energy efficiency has, up to now, lain in research into the design of electric traction equipment and utilizing the latest findings in electric materials, semi-conductors, driving and regulating aggregates and production technologies. Economical and ecological requirements create impulses for searching for different routes leading to the energy efficiency of electric railway operation, just like in other fields of technology. Research in this field has embarked on searching for unconventional options, characterized by the examination of the relationship between running time and energy consumption. This approach defines a...

GSM- R and CDMA Network System for the Railway Industry

T. Brandejský, T. Vu Dinh

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2009, 2(1):9-14 | DOI: 10.5507/tots.2009.002

Relates to the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network with covering specifications and requirements which must be added in to the CDMA system. The Preliminary job is to analyze the demands and technologicaly development, mainly dealing mainly with the viability of the CDMA system in the railway industryrailway. Communication for rail transportation is vital to impulse stimulate the development of modern society. The CDMA system can bring the benefits from of voice and data services for to today's rail transportation.

Transport and Environment

M. Mravčíková, A. Peltrám

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2009, 2(1):15-20 | DOI: 10.5507/tots.2009.003

This article compares the impact of road and railway transport on the environment. A great amount of resources of the European Union's funds are assigned for transport and environment. It is necessary to overcome some obstacles for attaining the money, i.e. administrative demands, to have own sufficient funds, to overcome the activities of NGOs and there is also not a satisfactory process of transition to the postindustrial, knowledge-based society of services with a completely changing structure of economics. The influence of the NGO was proved within two studies; the main findings are that NGOs are closely bound with administration and cause problems...

The Backseat Passenger Protection Point of View in Car Design Requirements

J. Kadlecová, J. Kovanda

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2009, 2(1):21-26 | DOI: 10.5507/tots.2009.004

Backseat passenger protection, either for the protection of children or adults, is more limited than on the front seats. It is caused by the smaller possibility to secure the passenger in the appropriate seating position and, in the case of children, reduce control of their behaviour during the journey by the driver. Any misuse causes serious injuries and fatalities, which, moreover, have a significant impact on national economies and society (serious injuries, loss of workforce, life-long treatment, etc.), and which should be decreased. Even though there is no regulation dedicated to this area, the producer should take it into account in the designing...

The Development and Economic Impact of Cultural Tourism and Sustainable Heritage Management

Z. Rosická, D. Bednářová, L. Beneš

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2009, 2(1):27-30 | DOI: 10.5507/tots.2009.005

Cultural heritage records and expresses the long processes of historic development, it forms the essence of diverse national, indigenous and local identities and it is an integral part of modern life. The dynamic interaction between tourism and cultural heritage continues to be among the foremost vehicles for cultural exchange providing a personal experience from the past, as well as of the contemporary life and society. It is appreciated as a positive force for natural and cultural conservation. Tourism can underline the economic characteristics of the heritage and points out the need for conservation by generating funding, educating the community...

Technical Notes on Mobile Measuring System for Road Passport

J. Ambros, M. Dont, R. Striegler

Transactions on Transport Sciences 2009, 2(1):31-32 | DOI: 10.5507/tots.2009.006